Jay S.
This is the nicest hookah place in the LA area, the outdoor patio is very nice. I have ordered the lamb chops with rice, the meat was so tender and flavorful. Highly recommend !
Seva R.
It is a great place for late night dinners. I liked their wide variety of choices of speciality dishes. For main dish I had kibbeh labanieh, and didn't regret about my choice. It was unique, tasty and fresh. Out of appetizers I would recommend sambousek and kibbeh. Service and the vibe was great. Definitely coming back again
Nour H.
Hello everyone, If you've been to hookah bars in the West Los Angeles area you'll know that Liwan has a very nice atmosphere that is different than the others. It's got a sweet, earthy patio with an outdoor area for those who would like to hookah in the open air as well as an indoor area likely for conversation and eating. I personally think that the ambiance is more equipped for a tea, something sweet, and a hookah, which Liwan seems to do very well. Yes, service can be helped but it's clear sometimes that there is one or two servers at a time so patience is sometimes needed and the waiter will appreciate it. As for the minimum charge, it's worth mentioning that they do let you know but if you're not paying attention at first, the minimum charge can slip your mind so be sure to ask. Also, the concept of a $50 minimum charge for two patrons enjoying a hookah that will likely occupy a table for at least one to two hours with drinks and maybe something to eat is not so far fetched so it's not entirely odd and is acceptable to me. Same goes for a charge of $100 for a table with four or more patrons. I can understand this is a business and they need to incentivize guests to pay the appropriate amount for the time consumed occupying their tables. I think some items on the menu can benefit from constructive criticism but all in all, for the ultimate goal of enjoying a hookah with friends in a nice ambiance, it is a great location to do so.
Remi A.
My go to spot whenever i want middle eastern food also very nice vibe and the outdoor seating very relaxing and the hookah was awesome
Aaron C.
Really solid option for food & hookah. Friendly staff as well. My go to option for hookah with friends
Nour A.
I'm so glad this hookah lounge is still able to operate during COVID, they have the best hookah in LA and really good vibes for a night out!!
Faysal T.
Great food, Came here twice and had the Kabobs and mnakeesh and food was great. Service is very good and hookahs were excellent